Dear Freshmen!

Welcome to Mannheim! Whether you are here for the whole duration of your studies or just for a semester abroad, we want to help you during your time here. The AStA consists of the elected representatives of the student body. As such, we have lots of offers for you: help and support programs as well as parties or other fun activities. Just take a look:

Facebook Gruppe

Here is a link to our facebook!

Leben in Mannheim

Learn about recreational activities in and around Mannheim.


Bar crawl for Freshmen!

Ersti Kino

Cinema and beer, practically for free!

Campus Rad / VRN Nextbike

In cooperatin with VRN Nextbike: If you rent a nextbike the first 30 minutes will always be free for university students. Just go to the nextbike homepage and create an account using your Uni Mannheim mail address.

Couch Surfing

It can be hard to find a place to sleep in the city. You can take a look at our couch surfing facebook group and hopefully find a place to stay!

>> Couch Surfing group  <<
Stationary store

We offer a stationary store where you can buy stationary at cost! Every weekday from 9-11.30 am at the AStA building (L9,7).

Consultation on legal matters

Every wednesday 1-2 pm at the AStA building (L9,7).

Bei Fragen und Anregungen wendet euch gerne an

Consultation on social matters

For problems including housing, side jobs, financing your studies etc. Write an email to .

Was ist das für 1 VS?

Was ist die Verfasste Studierendenschaft? Was sind ihre Aufgaben und wie betrifft sie mich in meinem Uni-Leben?

Ersti Beratung

Mehr Hilfestellungen für deinen Uni-Start.