The Schneckenhof parties are the most famous parties in whole Mannheim. The AStA organizes three Schneckenhof parties during the semester with up to 3000 party visitors.

Due to the planned construction work of the catacoombs by the university, we cannot host parties there anymore. However, we are still going to throw great Schneckenhof parties for you. If you want to help with planning such a big event just come and visit us at our party meeting each Wednesday at 6pm. We are looking forward seeing you.


The next party dates:

Date Organisation Location
Thursday, 14.04.2016 AStA Schneckenhof
Thursday, 21.04.2016 Student association SpLit Schneckenhof
Thursday, 28.04.2016 Student associations SoWi & MKW Schneckenhof
Wednesday, 04.05.2016 Student association BWL Schneckenhof
Thursday, 12.05.2016 AStA Schneckenhof