Welcome to the website of the equality department!

It shouldn’t surprise you to only find a few female profs during your university time. In 2014 only 20% of all professorships of the university of Mannheim were held by women – which is still way more than the national average (18,7%). But that is only one of many points we are concerned with. Primarly the department of equality wants to inform and raise awareness (e.g. about gender policy topics and concerns), but we also want to act as a point of support. To provide a forum within this thematic area. It is important to contact the department of equality with all concerns.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any problems, concerns, questions or ideas.

Who we are:
In the picture (from left to right) you can see the people who are currently working in the Department for Equality.
Linda Bachmaier (1st semester business law), is our representative for “Quer im Schloss” meaning “crosswise in the castle”. Tabea Breier (3rd semester political science), is our representative for students with kids. Paula Heil is our representative for feminism (3rd semester politics and business). Katharina Fuchs (3rd semester Sociology) is the head of our department. Renia Vafiadis (3rd semester Political Science) is our representative for students with disabilities.

What it is that we do:
We organize different events with the goal to make all students feel welcome in our university. Some of our main focuses are studying with kids, studying with disabilities and queer-related topics. Additionally, we are the ones you can contact if you are facing any problems concerning those topics.

We are looking forward to any message we receive, so don’t hesitate to contact us! You can reach us under: gleichstellung@asta.uni-mannheim.de

Hilke Viehöfer-Jürgens
Hilke Viehöfer-Jürgens
Referentin für Gleichstellung